Photography, my passion


My name is Stefan de Jong (1964) born in Uden, The Netherlands.

At the age of 14 years I bought a used Praktica TL IV for approximately  € 25,=. For that price I received the camera, an external ambient light meter and a complete b/w darkroom. With this gear I became enthousiastic about photography and had to learn a lot. At present I am shooting with my second digital camera, a Canon EOS5D MKIII, bought in January 2013 and according to me a real working machine. 

What I really like about photography is to discover and learn how to tell stories with an image. From the first moment why I want to make that specific image when I am out 'there' to how I can capture that frame the best.  Then post processing the photo to accent the things that matter and hope that you share the same emotional response as I did. 

As a (primarily) Landscape/Outdoor Photographer I strive to capture and share the beauty of the world around me,  just as I see it through my own eyes and can feel it with my whole body.

For me, photography is also meeting and connecting people, sharing emotions and beautiful moments...photography as art on itself. 

I really appreciate you are visiting my website and please feel free to react if you want to……..


Enjoy the things you are doing...